Commercial kitchen appliances

Promotion of commercial kitchen equipment throughout Switzerland

EcoGastro promotes efficient combi steamers, multifunctional appliances, dishwashers, salamanders, deep fryers and griddles - further appliance categories are being added on an ongoing basis.

EcoGastro certifies and promotes commercial kitchen appliances that have technical measures that demonstrably reduce energy consumption compared to other appliances available on the market. The proof is provided by measurements.

Object of the promotion

Subsidies are available for the replacement of EcoGastro-certified kitchen appliances, but not for the purchase of new appliances. End customers receive the subsidies in the form of a discount credited by the appliance vendor. No application needs to be submitted. Currently, the following appliance categories are subsidised:

- combi steamers
- multifunctional appliances
- dishwashers
- griddles
- deep fryers
- salamanders

Further appliance categories are in preparation. The complete list of promoted appliances can be downloaded below.

Simplest processing without application

The subsidies are passed on directly to end customers by the accredited equipment manufacturers and sellers - a subsidy application to EcoGastro is thus no longer necessary.

Certification of devices

In order to receive funding, manufacturers or importers of energy-efficient commercial kitchen appliances must have their appliances certified by EcoGastro.

Certification takes place after a chargeable measurement by a measurement laboratory accredited by us, currently the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden FHGR. The measurements are carried out according to the measurement methods defined by ENAK.

EcoGastro calculates an annual consumption from the results of an appliance and compares this with a basic electricity consumption, which is based on existing data from the ENAK database. Only appliances that are more energy efficient than average new appliances are certified because they have specific energy-saving measures. Possible features of such an appliance are (not exhaustive):

- Heat recovery (WRG) from waste water and / or exhaust air
- Additional insulation / thermal insulation
- Automatic temperature reduction
- Plate detectionIntelligent
- Control
- Heat generation technology

Contact us. We will be happy to advise you and send you the relevant documents.

Target groups

All private and public Swiss buyers of commercial kitchen appliances can benefit from the subsidies. The only exceptions are the central federal administration in circles 1 and 2, i.e. the federal offices and administrative units such as MeteoSwiss and agricultural research institutes.

EcoGastro label

Certified appliances are marked with the EcoGastro label.

The label makes it easy for kitchen planners and end customers to see which appliances are particularly economical.

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EcoGastro label. Certified appliances are marked with the EcoGastro label.

apply for certification

Documents for download.
Documents for end customers.

List of all subsidized devices with the subsidy rates:

The form confirming that it is a replacement and not a new purchase does NOT have to be sent in any more. However, traders can still do this for their own assurance:

Documents for download.
Documents for dealers.

All provisions related to the certification and promotion of kitchen equipment:

Condizioni di incentivazione

Condizioni di incentivazione EcoGastro

List for the notification of promotions. Dealers who are promoting send us the completed list at the end of the month together with the signed confirmations of replacement. You will find the reporting list (Excel spreadsheet) together with all other documents in the following folder:

all documents | tutti i documenti | tous les documents

EcoGastro document storage

Funding regulations

EcoGastro is realised by Eartheffect and is subject to the funding regulations of ProKilowatt, the funding programme of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.