September 22, 2021

The federal government continues to support EcoGastro

The federal government continues to support EcoGastro

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE is supporting EcoGastro with a further CHF 3 million. This ensures the promotion of energy-efficient appliances for the time being.

This applies to all appliances on the subsidy list, but not to induction cookers. The subsidy for induction cookers will expire in the next few months. With a reservation, you can reserve subsidies for one month when submitting an offer.

Corona bonus until the end of April 2022

The subsidies will continue unchanged until the end of April 2022. From May 2022, however, the Corona Bonus will no longer be paid. For dealers, this means that only appliances that are delivered and invoiced before the end of April can benefit from the Corona Bonus.

Current message lists

Please make sure to download the current reporting list every month in order to claim the funding contributions from us. You will find the latest version of the reporting list and all other documents on our document repository.

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Funding regulations

EcoGastro is realised by Eartheffect and is subject to the funding regulations of ProKilowatt, the funding programme of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.