November 10, 2022

Saving electricity with EnergyWorkshop

Saving electricity in catering establishments

The topics of energy and electricity saving are currently occupying many catering businesses as a result of rising energy costs. With our EcoGastro energy workshop, we supported three catering businesses last week in the development of energy-saving measures.

The two-hour workshop with Martin Räber made it clear to us what we can do in the catering/hotel industry to avoid CO2 emissions. In the end, we developed more than 15 concrete energy-saving measures that we will implement in our business. Current topics, presented in a sympathetic, clear and understandable way - definitely recommendable! - Stefan Fuchs, Hotelier Sonne Seehotel

The opportunity in the challenge

Many companies see the current challenging energy situation as an opportunity to develop further in terms of sustainability, save costs and thus also pursue long-term financial goals.

So our paths led us to Central Switzerland in the first week of November. For the implementation of the EnergyWorkshop, we were guests at the Seehotel Pilatus (Hergiswil, NW), Hotel Felmis (Horw, LU) and Seehotel Sonne (Eich, LU). Apart from their industry and geographical location, the establishments had another important thing in common: The will to reduce energy costs and the willingness to motivate their employees for the topics of energy, sustainability and electricity saving and to jointly develop measures to save electricity in their own operations.

Catalog of measures

After an entertaining and playful introduction to the topics around energy and sustainability, the impact of diet on personal environmental impact and what measures can be taken to save electricity, the workshop moved on to the interactive part: In the brainstorming session, participants came up with numerous ideas. Subsequently, the ideas were discussed in the group and classified and assigned.

At the end of the workshop, the participants held a catalog of measures in their hands with concrete measures, a description of the implementation and an assigned responsibility, i.e. who is responsible for implementing the measure.

The measures adopted

As one of several measures, the Seehotel Sonne decided to switch on the Finnish sauna only on request of guests and not every day at a fixed time. With a new Eco-Flyer the guests are informed about this and made aware of the importance of sustainability and energy. Furthermore, tips are given on how they can do their part, keyword room heating and terry towels.

EnergyWorkshop by EcoGastro - imparting knowledge and skills

How electricity is generated, how Switzerland's electricity mix is composed, and what impact saving electricity can have for the environment, but also for the company's wallet, is too little known by kitchen, reception or service staff. Using the example of a deep-fat fryer, a much-believed myth is addressed and the physical principles are clearly explained: Is it better to turn off an appliance for a short time and reheat it fresh, or is it better to leave it at temperature? The workshop will provide the answer.

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